Tuesday, May 06, 2003

ill start off from where I remember the dream from,
since starting from anytime before that is just
So Tim and I are walking and scooting around Portland
neighborhoods. Im not wearing my scooter helmet, I am
wearing my horse riding helemt. We come upon a
miniature horse stud, tied near the sidewalk. We stop
and I pet him. He's adorable, dark chocolate brown
with some white overo markings. His owner, some
younger man, comes out and starts bitching that we are
going to give his little stud some disease by petting
him. I pointed out that if he doesnt want people
stopping and petting the little horse, he shouldnt tie
him on the sidewalk, and we leave. We come up to a
house, a white house with a door set below the sidewalk
so that you have to go down 5 stairs to reach it. On
either side of the stairs, thick vegetation darkens and
quiets the light and noise from the street, it is like
walking into another world. There are white columns at
either side of the entrance,creating a sort of covered
porch area, and the door itself is made of oak and
glass, with full length windows on either side. We
rush down the stairs and peek in - there is some kind
of an entrance hall made of white marble, with a curved
white marble starcase set back about 10 feet from the
door. Inside there is a man (who turns and looks at
us) talking to 3 adults and 1 child. I want to sing
and listen to my voice echo through the marble halls.
I reach for the door handle, realize Im about to walk
into someones home without permission, and turn away.
We keep wandering the city until we go into our home to
go to bed. I wake up and am hot, so go into the
bathroom and run a cold shower. As the cold water
rushes over my overheated body, I hear someone come in.
I open the shower curtain and my ex boyfriends mom
(Karen) is standing there. She asks why I am taking a
shower at 2 in the morning. I explain. She leaves.
Suddenly, Tim and I are in Vancouver BC with Audrye
Horn (of twin peaks). Her father Ben Horn is after us
- he wants to kill us because he had picked out some
music that he wanted Audrey to sing to, and she hated
it so brought it to timothy, who mastered it. So, Mr.
Horn catches Audrey and I and I am trying to plot our
escape, when in comes Mr. Horn demanding to know where
to find Timothy. He plays the two cd's he has, and
asks what the difference is. Audrey points out that
one is mastered, Ben says "A-HA!! TO THE STUDIO!! WE
WILL FIND HIM THERE!" Im going shit shit shit we gotta
get outta here and save timothy, audrey why the fuck
did you blab!!! we manage our daring escape out the
window and we are running through downtown Vancouver to get to Tims studio and warn him before mr. horn.
Unfortuantely, we all arrive at the same time and are
caught again. We are taken back to Ben Horns building,
timothy included. Audrey and I are once again
plotting to escape while timothy is being interrogated.
When the "guard" brings timothy back into the room
with us, we surprise him, hit him over the head, and
make a run for it. As we are running through downtown
again, making many left and right turns, trying to lose
our pursuers, Karen hands timothy a post it note with
instructions on where to go, she will help us escape.
He sticks it in his pocket, and, thinking we had lost
the pursuers, we slow to a walk. Suddenyl we see them
behind us, and we jump behind some bushes to hide, but
they had spotted us and quickly caught us. They take
us back to the building. This time we escape, we are
all alone with mr. horn, audrey hits him inthe head
repeatedly with a shovel. "I think hes dead" she said.
"I hated him anyways. Prick." We are once again
running, knowing now that we have killed the boss man,
they will be even more desperate to find us. Timothy
looks at the post it notekaren gave him last time we
escaped. we have one day to get on some kind of ferry,
and get to another country, where we will then find our
way to the meeting place and she will get us out of
there. Unfortunately, as we were riding on the ferry,
an announcement was made to "keep an eye out for a
young Englishman (we were on a boat full of irishmen),
mid twenties. This was timothy. timothy didnt hear
this announcement, however, I did and set out to find
him and warn him to stay in hiding. timothy was in a
rec room sort of area, with couches and video games and
a jukebox. Demons walk in and start shooting up the
place, throwing people around, looking for the
englishman, which of course they couldnt tell until
they heard the accent. The boat docks, Audrey is
caught by the demons. Timothy and I, who are now the
same person, go running down the ramp full speed ahead,
demons following. too bad we dont have any sort of
vehicle to get away in. We spy some motorcycles and
are considering just taking one, when up drives a light
blue vintage mini car ( I think it was a prinz)with a blonde driving. She tells tim/me to hop in and we do so, speeding away, demons on motorcycles hot on our tail. She starts talking to us, explaining where we will be going, and starts singing "are you the one that Ive been waiting for" in nick
caves voice, backed by the bad seeds. This being my
alarm, I am gradually and reluctantly brought back to