Sunday, November 06, 2005

Technical issues resolved. Because I'm a freaking genius. Yeah. Um, actually it was fairly easy to resolve. I just had to log directly into blogspot, instead of posting through Picasa, and republish my blog. Oh yeah, speaking of publishing, in case you missed it at the very bottom of every page, all photos are copyright ME.
*test test* I just posted three photos and none are showing up. *ANNOYED*. what the hell!! Argh, alsdkfn;oaishnejngjanbsd;lkfn vousdhfkjasdnr4rlhflmgnasd6u73!
"Sultans du Swing" is the name of the joint. Scroll down to the picture of the beer for an explanation. Posted by Picasa
Maison Dixon, in action.  Posted by Picasa
Okay, I know I said before the last section of pictures (um, by the way, scroll down to the bottom of that section, then back up, if you want a timely order of things), that I had some pictures of Nimes, but I just don't have the time now to post all of those. You know how time is...elasping, escaping, I will wait to post those photos until I have a bit more of that elusive phenomenon. In the mean time, I went to a rare rare rare live show in Ales (I miss you Portland, and your wealth of live music), the music was incredibly fun, bluegrass/country, and I had yet another moment of relativity that has been happening so frequently since I've been here (that phrase, after the comma after country, is for Michael. Red clay wings, darling.) Anyway, the next two or three photos were taken at the show. Maison Dixon. Posted by Picasa