Sunday, December 11, 2005

Same place, dirty window, sun even lower. Posted by Picasa
Same place, no train, sun lower. Posted by Picasa
So, when you ride the train between Ales and Nimes, there is a changeover of tracks, so I usually end up sitting on a motionless train for 5-20 minutes. On my way back to Ales, sitting on the still train, I took this picture of a passing train. Posted by Picasa
Another photo of Nimes, taken 3 weeks or a month later than the previous. This is the Colisseum. I was startled to find it here as I was walking about the confusing downtown area, but thought I'd take a picture because the light was pretty. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 02, 2005

Fountain in a park near the colisseum and gare. Posted by Picasa
Same cathedral, different angle.  Posted by Picasa
Cathedral in Nimes Posted by Picasa
Buildings in Vieux Nimes Posted by Picasa
Passageway into Vieux Nimes. Posted by Picasa
In the entryway. Nice columns. Posted by Picasa
Ancient temple in the middle of downtown Nimes. Nice lens flare, but why the hell is my camera burning the tops of images when I take photos that end up with flares? It never used to do that. Grr. Anyway, I went in the temple, and it was really neat, but I don't remember any specifics about the history of the place. It was over a month ago that I went. There was some ancient artwork on the inside, sculptures and mosaics excavated at Nimes. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 24, 2005

window Posted by Picasa
Cemetiere. Im obviously too lazy to make accents in the appropriate places. But it's kind of a pain on my laptop.  Posted by Picasa
The Republic of Rachael is currently experiencing a shortage of words. Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
What did I say is all the rage in cemetaries? Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
Happy Birthday. Err, uh...huh? Ahem. Hrm. Don't ask. For some reason, that is what popped in my head when I just looked at this picture. So, uh, Happy Birthday. Yeah. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 19, 2005

*too tired to title* last picture for tonight. check again in a few days for more. i have non-cemetary stuff too, that i will be posting. Posted by Picasa
Angel amputee. Who needs legs when you have WINGS!
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Fractal. Posted by Picasa
Soldiers. Posted by Picasa
Dead tree in a city of dead. Posted by Picasa
I moved some stuff around on my computer, trying to free up some space on my C: drive, and in the process, apparently i misplaced some photos. oops. I'm sure I'll find them eventually. Anyway, this ones nifty, eh? Posted by Picasa
um. crosses are all the rage in cemetaries. Posted by Picasa