Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inside the Time Machine...
Architects, why must you all be so boring? Why are we still living our lives inside boxes? We've been using the same shape over and over and over again for our shelters since (at least) the Roman times. Isn't it time to maybe incorporate some different geometrical shapes into our structures? And why must everything be so straight? How about some curved walls? Why are there so few adventurous architects out there?!

Last night in my sleep I walked through the most amazing and wondrous city that has (n)ever existed. The buildings were like great ships, sailing over the concrete and through the sunlight. None were square. An angle here, a curve there, and look over there, two buildings, reflecting each other with a little alley dodging in between them, their small fronts expanding to much wider backs, creating a triangle shape when combined. It was as though Escher had drawn all of the buildings, and Gaudi had embellished them, and then they figured out a way to make them obey all laws of physics and yet still seem to break them visually. They twisted openness and closed-ness of space and enclosure and turned a multi-level structure into a multi-tiered cake of light and metal and glass. It was awesome. I wanted to live there.