Sunday, August 03, 2003

Recent Dream - last week or the week before.

I remember merely fragments until this point – vague memory of throwing a party in the house we are fixing up and about to move into, a strange attic accessible by moving a board in the ceiling and hopping down, a car with a sunroof pulls up outside, and a few other fragments of more feeling than memory. Then, my mom, timothy, and myself are going to watch the fireworks. We enter a hilly park as night is falling, and search for someplace to lay our blanket and sit. The hill we are on is huge and a clearing – surrounded by trees. There is but one level area and it is occupied by a man and his son. The boy tells his father that he needs to poop, and the man tells his son to go right where he is. The boy squats and diarrhea explodes out of his ass. After dumping this package, the boy and his father are driven off of the level area by the stench of the kid’s shit. My mom, Timothy, and I arrive at this level spot and lay our blanket down directly centered on the boy’s smelly package. It is squished, and shit oozes into the spaces between the fibers of the blanket. In the center of the blanket there is now a brown spot. We lift it, disgustedly ponder moving, and decide to just avoid that part of the blanket. The fireworks start and with the 3rd explosion, suddenly it is daylight and we are leaving the fireworks show. We cheer loudly, stand, and leaving the blanket behind, hike to the woods. A short walk through the woods and we are on some kind of logging road, next to a few acres of clear-cut forest planted with grass, fenced into 3 different pastures containing horses. As we walk I see Fatima. I call to her, but we don’t really have time to stop. I tell them this is where I've been boarding Fatima. I see a man walking toward Fatima’s pasture leading a solid black, huge 16.2hh non-Foundation Quarter Horse stud, built downhill and with a larger rump than front end. As the man brings the stud into Fatimas pasture I scream at the top of my lungs, “GET THAT STUD AWAY FROM MY MARE!!!!!” I run over and the man stutters apologetically something about not knowing it was my mare but thinking they would be a great match and wanting to breed the two. I woke up flabbergasted.