Saturday, December 11, 2004

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Hazy mist shrouded feeling of being in an auditorium…then…
X and I are in a large forest – a national park of some sort. We are wandering along the well maintained trails, gaping at the beauty surrounding us when I accidentally step off the trail and into a bed of small, delicate, sea green plants with tiny pink flowers. My footsteps leave a tell tale trail of destruction. X follows as I realize what I have done and turn around too late to tell him not to go the same way. We continue and come upon a lake, out on which is a boat. X walks toward the boat and I follow. There is some kind of logging machine on the beach. I step up to it to investigate and it suddenly turns on, throwing sawdust in my face. I turn away, spitting and sputtering. Clearing the sawdust out of my eyes and squinting, I see far in the distance four men in spiffy suits walking towards us on the beach. They are wavy at first and appear to be a mirage, but as they get closer they solidify. They surround us and tell X he needs to come with them because they need to talk to him about his visa. He and I agree to meet in one of the two tiny restaurants, which are nestled in the forest like witches’ cottages. He leaves with the sharply suited men, and I walk to one of the restaurants. I want to eat something while I wait, but it is a burger joint and the vegetarian selection is particularly unappetizing. I decide that maybe I should go to the other little restaurant, but I don’t want to walk all the way there only to find out that they don’t have anything good either. I ask the clerk, who is wearing a floppy chef’s hat and holding a magic- wand spatula, if he knows what is on the menu at the other place. He hands me a menu for the other restaurant and I tell him “Wow! You exceeded my expectations!” I look over the menu, which is much more appetizing, and decide to walk on over there. I wonder how much longer X will be?