Thursday, November 08, 2007

Don Bowman

Dear Sonny Records,

I been hearin' lately 'bout the resplurgence of country in western music. They say that by the time the light from a star reaches ya, it's already dead. Well, I ain't dead yet. In the large, worn-out suitcase o' my life, I recall one o' the britest moments bein' that time I got a response from my good pal and yours, Chit Akens. He 'n y'all even went so far as to producify a record of my musical compromises to the glee 'n delites of the many publicans who buy such things. I'm writin' to ask that y'all please re-rerelease and if you can find it in the good of yer good cold hearts, mebee even re-mister my album and make it once again avaluable. If y'all need to reach me, I can be consolted and otherwise generally found at or near the Mid-State Appalachian Frog-Giggin' Fair. Or, just ask around Nashville. I'm sure that good pal o' ours, Chit Akens, remembers me very. well.
Thinks again very much,
Don Bowman
Musician and singer
your man in trouble