Friday, July 14, 2006

I am getting rid of my cell phone.

Dear VerizonWireless,

We have been together for 6 years now, but lately I have been feeling really unhappy with our relationship. Why? Well, for starters, I am tired of paying an excessive amount of money to communicate with people, and have access to the internet. I will save about $40 per month by breaking our contract. That is $480 per year. I just don’t think that the convenience of having your service is worth the cost. Even after paying you $175 bucks to cancel my remaining 1.5 year contract, I will save that amount in 4 to 5 months, and will then save a little over $500. Wow. Besides, I hate paying for something that I either don’t get, or end up paying an exorbitant fee for more time if I go over my minutes. You don’t offer rollover minutes; I have had months where I have up to 100 extra minutes that I pay for (which mysteriously disappear at the end of the billing cycle), and then the next month I go over by 50 or 75 minutes and have to pay an extra 20 to 30 bucks. That doesn’t seem fair at all to me, and I am tired of supporting a corporation that doesn’t offer a plan that fits my needs at a cost that I can reasonably afford.
Besides, what am I really gaining by having my phone on me everywhere I go? Well, I always know what time it is, but now that I have a watch, that won’t matter. My phone always rings when I can’t answer it because I am busy with other things, I despise talking to people when strangers can hear the conversation, and on top of that I think it is rude to have a conversation with someone while hanging out with someone else, so I miss calls half the time that I could answer but just don’t want to because it would be rude. Those aren’t really conveniences, they are inconveniences. Essentially, I am paying an extra 40 bucks a month for voicemail. Since my local land line provider offers voicemail for free with my line, I think it is in my best interest if we just part ways. If you really want to change my mind, “use the force.” I have already schedule to have my land line installed on Wednesday. Goodbye VerizonWireless, it’s been good knowing you. Well, except for all the times you have caused me aggravation by dropping important calls or making me pay for the minutes I went over when I had leftovers the month before, or when my phone rang and I couldn’t or didn’t want to answer it, so it went to voicemail anyway.
P.S. I will be taking my phone number with me.