Tuesday, November 01, 2005

One more. Wow. Posted by Picasa
So, Casa Battló after the lights changed. Lovely lovely lovely. I can think of only one sight more lovely.  Posted by Picasa
Casa Battló. We went here just after leaving La Pedrera. We didn't go in because we didn't really have time. We wanted to go to the beach before we left and drive past a few more sites. This building is heavenly. I cried when I touched it. Gaudi. Posted by Picasa
Cato is feeling left out. Cato is my norwegian friend. Cato is so damn cool. I'm glad to have you as a friend, though we may never meet in real life.
Another for Michael. No explanation necessary. Posted by Picasa
Then I walked down the hall and looked in this room. Mommie! This one I took for you. I miss you! You're the best riding buddy in the world... Posted by Picasa
A bathroom in the apartment. For the sake of composition itself. "We are fixed...right where we stand!" Posted by Picasa
The next room, another gasp. michael michael michael. Michael! Oh god I miss you. For you. Posted by Picasa
I saw this and instantly thought - KAT! You MUST see this. So this is for you, my friend. Love you! Posted by Picasa
I walked into the next room and gasped. Michael! I am thinking of you. Isn't she lovely? This is for you. Posted by Picasa
Inside la pedrera was an apartment on display. This was in one of the first rooms. I took this one for michael. Posted by Picasa
Honestly, this is my favorite photo that I took on that roof. My god. Gaudi. Was he really a human? This is so very different from any other architetcure I have ever seen. It is so alien, yet is so comforting. And so utterly beautiful. Astonishing. Gaudi. Posted by Picasa
Another piece on the roof. Posted by Picasa
Another sculpture on the roof. Posted by Picasa
One of the crazy sculotures on the roof of La Pedrera. Posted by Picasa
One of the displays in the attic. Posted by Picasa
La Pedrera. A small part of the attic. This is an ATTIC! Jesus. Detail detail detail. Gaudi. Wow. Posted by Picasa
La Pedrera. The first inner light chamber. Looking up. Posted by Picasa
The next day. La Pedrera. From the outside.  Posted by Picasa
This is one of the best street performers I have ever seen. Perhaps even the best. He had the doll's head attached to his own, and when you dropped money in his box, he played music on a hidden tape player and had the doll sing and play the violin. It was so goddamn cool! It was like, he WAS the doll. Posted by Picasa
Piece of the park. Posted by Picasa
A bit of the ceiling, same place. All Gaudi, all heartache. Posted by Picasa
Columns columns. Same place.  Posted by Picasa
This is a portion of the park. A miniscule portion. I spent about 15 minutes down here because there was a violinist. He was playing along with recorded classical music. About 1 minute after I walked down here, he started playing along with Bach's Well Tempered Clavier, Book One, Prelude. It was devastating to me. (That song is ours, Michael.) I couldn't help but cry. Why do things like that keep happening to me here? Posted by Picasa
What a brilliant idea...those are earrings hanging on the umbrella. A vendre. Posted by Picasa
After leaving Sagrada Familia, we went to Parc Güell. I didn't get many good photos for two reasons. 1) the sun went behind a cloud when we reached the main area and didnt come back out. 2) There were crowds of people and it drives me batty to have a bunch of strangers in my photos. I ended up running out of space on my memory cards and deleting a bunch of photos. I have only 224 mb of memory on all of my cards - one 32, one 64, and one 128. Perhaps I should buy more. Anyway. This is one of the photos that I like, although it doesnt show much of the Parc. If you want to see the Parc, you should totally go there. I could spend a good week there taking photos of all the cool stuff. Posted by Picasa