Saturday, October 22, 2005

I find myself alive at night

When others are in bed, all lights off

I listen, and think, and write

I find myself in the darkness

I find what was hidden by daylight,

Masked by mundanity

An ether opens itself

When in sleep are those around me

A part of me pities

That which they are missing

The living night which those who sleep early

Will not know, cannot know

The magical time of silence

Of solitude and reflection

My mother always called me Night Owl

And said, the early bird catches the worm

But what do owls eat?

A much more substantial meal, to my mind

Than a simple worm.

if you want to talk about

A shift in perspective of time

Change the way you view it


2 times 12


up to 24 minus 12 (when applicable) minus 9

Then add the want of miss

The ache of want

The hurt of a lover far away

the wait for a time to hear a voice

and the voice only what you have

beyond memory or photographs


you will have

a different point of reference for time

Or heartache

The side of part of the church. Posted by Picasa
The belltower. Posted by Picasa
The church's bell. I rang it. It was earsplitting. Posted by Picasa
The statue on top of the church on top of the hill. Ales is laid down below her hands, and it is apparent she is looking at the city by the tilt of her head. I love this statue, and the way she is perpetually watching over the city. P.S. My lens is scratched. Someone should buy me a new camera. A digital SLR. Yeah...Posted by Picasa
A small part of Ales, as seen with 11x digital zoom, from courtyard of the church on top of the hill. Im trying to do this backwards, so that you start from where I am and move back in time. So forgive any repeating of myself. Posted by Picasa
Before the fourth roommate arrived (Pili, from Spain) Rocio (from Chili), Hayley (from Tennessee), and I, went to Nimes. We went in the afternoon and spent a few hours at the Colliseum of Nîmes, shown below. Built by the Romans. Then we walked around a bit and took photos, and then had dinner at a cafe while we waited for our bus back to Ales. Posted by Picasa
The outside of the colliseum. Posted by Picasa
Hallway of the colliseum. Posted by Picasa
Inside the coloseum. Posted by Picasa
Can you tell where I am standing? Pretty. Posted by Picasa
As much of the coloseum as I could get without a wide angle lens. Posted by Picasa
Nîmes from the top of the colliseum. I spent about an hour walking around the top. The colliseum is one of my favorite places in the world. It is so peaceful...I feel like I've been cut out of time and space when I am there. The sounds that reach you from the city are so far away that they might as well be imagined. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005

Me, a few days ago, in the apartment. Self-portrait. Posted by Picasa
Belltower, ringing for you and I, Michael. "I love it when you sing to me. You can sing me anything." Posted by Picasa
Sky. Colliseum. Posted by Picasa
The sky and the colliseum at Nîmes. Posted by Picasa
The sky as viewed from a crack in the Colliseum at Nîmes. Posted by Picasa
Cathedral at Nîmes. Sun going down. At, in? Is my english becoming polluted? Damn franglais! The other day, I *actually* said " So, after you composte your billet..." The others snickered...Me, "What?" ...pause, thinking..."Uh. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Posted by Picasa
Sky on fire, at Nîmes. Posted by Picasa
Sunset, as reflected by a building at Nîmes. Posted by Picasa
The carousel at Nîmes. For Michael. Posted by Picasa
Nîmes at sunset. Posted by Picasa
Marilyn. This is how I feel. Posted by Picasa
The nightstand which is not mine but I have decorated to make it feel as though it was. Posted by Picasa
The sky that night. As seen from my apartment. Posted by Picasa