Sunday, November 13, 2005

How about some pictures of a French cemetary? Would that float your boat? Yes? No? To be honest I really don't care. Look, or don't look. If you don't you're missing out. French cemetaries are cool. My co-locateur Rocio and I seem to share a morbid fascination with cemetaries. Well, you have to admit they can be so beautiful. It's where people rest their loved ones when they leave the world, and the french do it in a such a memorious way. Rocio and I had an expedition to the Ales cemetary, separated, and couldn't find each other again. It was that big. Then, when I went to leave I found that the gates were locked and there was no way for me to exit. They really should put in a door that opens from the inside only. So, you are locked in a cemetary, and the light is quickly fading from the sky. What do you do? Search an easy way out, obviously. I hopped up on the cement base of the fence to the side of the entryway and climbed over it, then jumped down. Easy enough. I wonder if I could get in the same way? But there would problem be a bunch of heathen teenagers in there wreacking havoc if it were that easy. And I'm not so into cemetaries that I feel the need to climb a fence to get in. Especially if I can't take pictures from lack of light. Posted by Picasa

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