Saturday, January 29, 2005

I only remember the end

I was in an apartment and he had just left

The apartment was empty except for a fridge and on top of the fridge, an amplifier. There were no visible speakers but the music was loud and all the lights were on. So I turned off the lights and turned down the stereo, then shut off the amp. I left the keys on the table by the sliding glass door and locked the door behind me because I wasn’t planning on coming back.

The apartment was familiar

I have been in similar apartments in past dreams

It had two rooms.

Two large rooms about twice as long as wide.

In the first room with the entry door was the kitchen and a dining room with a sliding glass door at the opposite end. The kitchen had cheap 1970's dark wood cupboards and ugly linoleum. The table that my grandfather gave me (it is round and art deco style) sat in front of the sliding door and had newspapers and mail piled on it.

The other room, to the right, had dirty, yellowed walls (or maybe it was just the lighting), and an ugly light brown dirty old carpet.

The only light other than the harsh overheads came from the sliding glass door. It was cloudy outside, so the light that leaked in was gloomy.

That is what I remember of this dream

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