Saturday, January 29, 2005

So I was standing over the heater in the kitchen, writing, when I noticed my cat was playing with a daddy long legs spider - batting it, poking it. And I was like, "Kill it kill it," which she never does. She never even hurts them, she just kind of pokes them with her paw and curiously watches them move around.

Anyway, so then I was thinking. Well this creature just wants to live. And it’s so gangly and clumsy. I felt sorry for it. Poor thing. So later I went upstairs and was talking with my roommate, and I asked him what he would do. I mean, do you kill it because it’s a spider and will reproduce prolifically, or have pity and let it live because it only wants to live and its so clumsy and ugly and pathetic?

Well I was leaning towards let it live and we were debating the pros and cons, when he told me the kicker: daddy long legs are blind!!!!

So I couldn’t. I couldn’t kill it. I told him if he wanted it dead he would have to kill it himself. And he couldn’t do it either. So the daddy long legs lived.

And then, I saw a spider today. It fell out of my work hat and I couldn’t kill it.

I hate spiders.


JM said...

Did you know that Daddy Longlegs spiders are the most poisonous spiders on the planet? But, because their mouths are so small, they cannot penetrate human skin. Great blog!

MayFlyAway said...

Thank you!