Monday, October 31, 2005

So after we all showered and left, we walked around looking for a) somewhere to eat. b) another hostel to stay at for this night. We found the hostel before we found the somewhere to eat. In the lobby of the hostel was a parrot. He wasn't particulary friendly. He didn't seem to like anyone and was making disapproving/threatening sounds at us. He actually nipped Rocio (seen here in the background sitting on the couch) at one point. But, I was bored because we ended up having to wait for about 30 minutes so I talked to him and made birdy noises at him. Eventually he started lifting his little legs and pointing them at me, so I put my finger down by his feet and he stepped onto it, then sidled up my arm and sat on my shoulder. I was a bit scared because he had seemed to be so unfriendly to people. I was afraid he would nip my ear or my glasses, but he didn't. I let him sit there for a few minutes, talking to him, then moved my shoulder towards his food dish, hoping he would step off my shoulder (I really didnt want to be pooped on), but he just started eating out of his dish. So I pushed my shoulder towards his dish a few times and he hopped off. We were in the lobby for a while longer so I kept talking to him and after 10 minutes or so let him on my shoulder again. At one point he looked like he was preparing to fly there, and Hayley asked me what I would do if he flew at me. Well, probably stand still, close my eyes, and left off a little scream. But, I thought his wings were probably clipped, so he couldnt do much flying. Anyway, he sat on my shoulder again, and then when we went to leave, was making these squawking noises like "hey! where are you going? come back! please!" It was really cute. My roommates laughed about the "connection" the bird and I had for the rest of the weekend. Actually, i feel bad for not saying goodbye to him. He was really cute. Posted by Picasa

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