Monday, October 31, 2005

Uh. Right after clicking "Publish," I realized that I did not completely caption that photo. Just keep reading.
So. Knock-knock on the door of ma chambre, and my roommate (Hayley) tells me that she was talking to this Ecuadorian guy she had met (who was studying in Ales, and had lived in Spain for some time) after a movie - soiree at the apartment, he asked what she was doing this weekend, she said she wanted to go to Barcelona. She and I had been talking about taking the train there. Well, he said something like "Oh, I want to go there. I have a car. We can drive. Wanna go?" Well, who was going depended on who had been paid. I hadn't been paid but my Spanish roommates had and I had taken a loan from Timo. I decided to go. There was some confusion with my passport because of the paper stapled inside that said "This visa issued in your passport is valid for three months and one entry..." I was worried that if they checked passports, I would not be allowed back into France. I removed the piece of paper, and Gabriel called, so she asked him what it was like passing between the two countries. He said they never check passports unless it is a foreign license plate. His plates were french. So, we left and after driving for 3 hours, arrived in Barcelona about 30 minutes after midnight. We found our hostel, they told us we had made reservations at the other locations, gave us directions. We arrived in the locale, parked the car in a garage, and went in search of the hostel. It was about a 1 minute walk from the parking garage. We rested for about 30 minutes and I took the last picute, this one, and the next. Then we went and walked around. So these pictures are Barcelona from the hostel window. Posted by Picasa

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